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B66 : Duo Pants with Floral Design

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RM 60.00
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RM 60.00
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RM 75.00
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At times can be tough to make a decision between long pants or short pants. At least for me, yes. Thus, instead of making decision, you gets to have it both to yourself. 

For this set, the top didn't come with padding but the strap is adjustable. 

Here's the measurement chart for you to refer.

S size
Bust 34 inch / Waist 22-36 inch / Hip 40 inch
Bust 86cm / Waist 56-92cm / Hip 102cm
Clothes Length: 36cm
Short Pants Length: 25cm
Long Pants Length: 96cm

M size
Bust 36 inch / Waist 24-38 inch / Hip 44 inch
Bust 92cm / Waist 61-96cm / Hip 112cm
Clothes Length: 38cm
Short Pants Length: 26cm
Long Pants Length: 97cm

L size
Bust 38 inch / Waist 26-40 inch / Hip 46 inch
Bust 97cm / Waist 66-107cm / Hip 117cm
Clothes Length: 40cm
Short Pants Length: 27cm
Long Pants Length: 98cm

XL size
Bust 42 inch / Waist 30-44 inch / Hip 50 inch
Bust 107cm / Waist 76-112cm / Hip 127cm
Clothes Length: 42cm
Short Pants Length: 28cm
Long Pants Length: 100cm