B58 : Soft Plain Color Pants Set

RM 29.00

We brought in colors that makes you feel comfortable by just looking at it! 

Isn't that pretty? For the Top, you will see a pocket on your left and it is usable. Of course the button as well.

Fear not, pants is long enough to cover our cute butts!

Measurement Chart:

M size
Bust 37.5 inch (96cm) / Waist 22.5-34.5 inch (58-88cm) / Hip 39 inch (100cm)
Clothes Length : 61cm
Pants Length : 31cm

L size 
Bust 41 inch (104cm) / Waist 22.5-37.5 inch (58-96cm) / Hip 41 inch (104cm)
Clothes Length : 62cm
Pants Length : 35cm

XL size 
Bust 43 inch (110cm) / Waist 23.5-39 inch (60-100cm) / Hip 43 inch (110cm)
Clothes Length : 64cm
Pants Length : 37cm

XXL size
Bust 44 inch (112cm) / Waist 22-43 inch (66-110cm) / Hip 47 inch (120cm)
Clothes Length : 60cm
Pants Length : 35cm

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