B62 : Black Top with Green Polka Dots Pants

RM 27.50

You've voted for this color and here we are, bringing you the exact color that you guys been dying to get! 

Black Top with Apple Green Polka Dots set! Yahoo!

Bare in mind, this set is without padding but both strap is adjustable. Of course, several sizes for you to choose from. 

Measurement Chart:

S size
Bust 35.5 inch (90cm) / Waist 21-35.5 inch (54-90cm) / Hip 36 inch (92cm)
Clothes Length : 37cm
Pants Length : 30cm

M size
Bust 37 inch (94cm) / Waist 28-37 inch (58-94cm) / Hip 38.5 inch (98cm)
Clothes Length : 38cm
Pants Length : 32cm

L size
Bust 38.5 inch (98cm) / Waist 24.5-41 inch (62-104cm) / Hip 41 inch (104cm)
Clothes Length : 39cm
Pants Length : 33cm

XL size
Bust 42.5 inch (108cm) / Waist 27.5-42.5 inch (70-108cm) / Hip 47.5 inch (120cm)
Clothes Length : 41cm
Pants Length : 35cm

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